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Our Communities 
The Single Family Homes,659 by count,  are complimented by eight (8) Condo, Town Homes and Villa home communities. All inclusive there are 1639 homes in the Berkshire Lakes Complex. Pictured here are our main entrances and the Condo entrances. There are 8 pictures in this gallery

The Clubhouse Area
Features our resident heated pool for everyone’s enjoyment. Two tennis courts and the clubhouse for community events, social activities, meetings and private parties. There are 13 pictures in this gallery.

The Lakes
We have 7 seven lakes through out the community. Berkshire Lake is the namesake to the community and is a natural Florida lake. The seven are Berkshire, Belville, Henley, Horseshoe, Lambton, Waterford and Windsor. There are 16 pictures in this gallery.

Our Roads and Landscaping
Berkshire Lakes features winding roads and nicely landscaped venues. Our residents add a great landscaping features of local and indigenous trees and flowers. There are 7 pictures in this gallery.

Inhabitants of Berkshire Lakes
We’re in Florida! Many species are present here. Aside of Carp and Bass in our lakes, there are many creatures that enjoy using Berkshire Lakes as home base. Being only 20 miles from the Everglades, Berkshire Lakes is a nice stop over for many birds  and yes the occasional alligator. There are 9 pictures in this gallery.

    Berkshire Events

On March 5, 2015, 350 carp were added to our lakes as part of our routine replenishment to maintain lake quality. There are 21 pictures in this gallery.

On December 1, 2015 two neighbors did some Tree Trimming. There are 8 pictures in this gallery

    Berkshire Lakes Women’s Club

On March 5, 2015 the BLWC held a fashion show at the Tiburon Country Club. The show was sponsored and orchestrated by Dillards.  There are 37 Pictures in this gallery

On April 26, 2015 the clubhouse was the site of a book signing for one of our own, Cynthia Bercowetz. A time theme, catered event attended by more than 60. To complement the article in the June Berkshire Lakes newsletter there are 15 pictures in this gallery. 

In November 2015 the Berkshire Lakes Women’s Club sponsored an outing on the Naples Princess and held its monthly meeting with entertainment. There are 8 pictures in this gallery

The BLWC December luncheon was held at Erin’s Isle at the Hibiscus Club. There are 11 pictures in this gallery

The BLWC’s  March 2016 Fashion Show was held at the Tiburon Country Club featuring fashions by Anthony’s. There are 10 pictures in this gallery.

At the BLWC’s March 21, 2016 meeting there was a special presentation and demonstration by Bettina Flores, owner of the “Bead It” store.
Pictured are Ann Johnson, Maria Schoenfelder, Bettina Flores, Christine Burlingham and Linda Craig along with the audience of attendees.

At the Final meeting of the BLWC’s for the 2016 year the officers for the 2016 – 2017 year were introduced. The meeting also featured a pizza party.

Among those pictured are: Mary Motta, Pat Pollard, Linda Sullivan, Judy Gaffney, Betty Wright, Linda O’Connor Craig, Ann Camp, Delayn Fleming, Kay Bailey, Ann Walsh Johnson, Barbara Donald, Josephine Pugliese, Velma Huson, Gitter Rosin, Linda O’Niell, Joanne George, Susan Todaro, Laura Kelly and Maria Schoenfelder.
There are 12 pictures in this gallery

The BLWC held its September 2016 get together at the Berkshire Lakes Clubhouse with a spaghetti dinner. there are 6 pictures in this gallery