Berkshire Lakes Master Association
President’s Message
October 14,2018

The fall season is in full swing, soon we see the return of our seasonal residents; we wish them safe journey and a warm welcome home.

Let me take this opportunity to move away from the normal processes and provide information on a more timely and critically important topic. The misuse of our electronic information distribution system and the steps taken to prevent a reoccurrence.

I believe we all that have provided the Master Association our e-mail address, understanding the rationale and benefits of electronic distribution of relevant and important community information. Namely timely, cost efficient distribution of association information, the reduction of paper waste and our pledge not to share any ones e-mail address.

It was designed for Association business and not neighbor to neighbor communications. Residents seeking information are provided the office’s e-mail address and on this website there is a “contact us” link that send e-mails to the office.

In initial use of the system a message was sent using to the “TO” rather than the “BCC” function.  A resident used  the  link to send an e-mail to all on the list registering his opinions and disagreement with certain Board procedures. This action was taken without our agreement or knowledge.

The event caused some residents to raise their concerns of receiving unwarranted e-mails and having their address known to others.

Before addressing the solutions, let me express my sincere apologies for this intrusion and commitment to ensuring we will never share anyone’s e-mail address with anyone, resident or vendor.
Actions taken are:

  • The file of the  resident’s e-mail addresses is maintained on the internet provider’s secure server, and no such information is maintained on the BLMA office’s or administrator’s computers.
  • The list has been renamed and relocated.
  • The list developer has reviewed our procedures ensuring they are correct.
  • The responsible party has been counseled on the misuse of the system.

We believe these actions will prevent a future reoccurrence.

Once again, my sincere apologies for this unwarranted intrusion.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert (Bob) Luparello, President
Berkshire Lakes Master Association