Berkshire Lakes Master Association
President’s Message
March 24, 2019

The spring season is just about over and with Easter just a few weeks away we’ll see our seasonal residents make their way north. We wish them safe journey and look forward to their return in the fall

As we have stated before, this time of year allows your Board of Directors to take on projects that can at times be lengthy and impact daily routines. The Dartmouth entrance landscaping has been upgraded as well as the area surrounding the clubhouse. Continuing with our direction to improve the appearance of our entrance ways and common properties, is the rework of all the entrances and park areas.

Irrigation is key to a healthy and vibrant landscape environment, to that end we’ll be reworking the network that irrigates our entrance ways and irrigation along Radio Road and the Appleby entrance. There are other factors which detract from a well maintained community, one might consider it trivial, but never the less are detractors, i.e. the various signs around our community that show signs of age and appear shabby. They are currently being replaced and they do make a difference.

This is also the time of year for the Master Board elections. There were three (3) director positions open for election; information was provided to the community regarding the election and the process to follow  for any individual interested in being a candidate in this election cycle. The three (3) incumbents were willing to be considered, however there were zero (0) other candidates. The incumbents were installed for a second two (2) year term.

The annual meeting was held at the Master Association Clubhouse on March 20, 2019 at 7;00 pm.There were approximately 32 residents in attendance. If you click on this link, you can see the format and information provided to those in attendance covering 2018 activities and planned activities for 2019.
During the members input part of the meeting there were three (3) residents who raised issues.
One resident reported there is a broken section of the Radio Road perimeter fence on his property.
One resident raised the issue of what in his view was poor property maintenance and house colors.
One resident was interested in proposing an amendment to our covenants that would allow truck parking. This was a lengthy discussion which outlined the necessary steps to have an amendment on the ballot for the next annual meeting.

The proxy vote to roll over surplus funds from the 2019 operating budget into the 2020 operating budget passed with 366 yes votes and 0 no votes.
An organizational meeting was held at the end of the annual meeting to elect the Board’s Officers for the next year, the results are listed below:

Robert Luparello, President
Maureen Richards, Vice-President
Linda O’Connell Craig, Secretary
Orie LaCroix, Treasurer
Ken Beaty, Director
Paul Daniels, Director
David Orr, Director

To those who voted their proxy and for those attending the Annual Meeting, please accept your Boards sincere thanks for demonstrating your interest in your community.

Respectfully submitted,
Robert (Bob) Luparello, President
Berkshire Lakes Master Association