Berkshire Lakes Women’s Club

Welcome to our website, here you will find links to our officers, meeting schedule, activities, programs, special events, sponsored clubs, interest groups and contacts.

The Berkshire Lakes Women’s Club was founded by three Berkshire Lakes residents, Gloria Andrade, Barbara Gutzler and Nancy Swanson.  Their reasons for starting the organization is best understood by our mission statement.

Mission Statement

“By sharing interests and talents, Berkshire Lakes Women’s Club aims to promote friendship and camaraderie within our community”

Dues are $20.00 each year payable by check or money order, no cash please, to “Berkshire Lakes Women’s Club or BLWC by January 1st, but no later than March 31st.

Regular business meetings are held on the Third Monday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Master Association Clubhouse.

Membership is open to all women residents of Berkshire Lakes.

Members are encouraged to recruit new members, all prospective new members should be directed to contact the Membership Chairperson, Betty Wright  at 354-0317.  She will accept their dues check and process their information card.