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Here you will find all the necessary documents required for the purchase, sale or rental into the Berkshire Lakes Master Association.


Use the BLMA Checklist to help you organize your documents and guide you through your new home purchase.

Realtor Estoppel Requests

Please send realtor estoppel requests for Berkshire Lakes to
New Waterford Community | Berkshire Lakes Master Association


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BLMA Rental Documents

For Buyers

If you’re a BUYER, please complete and return the Transfer Agreement, the Contact Information Sheet, Homeowners’ Disclosure Summary (which requires signatures from both buyers and sellers) and if you wish, the BLMA Electronic Payment form  and return to “BLMA” (Berkshire Lakes Master Association) along with a check for $125.00 as well as the first, second and signature page of the Sales Contract.

These docs can be:

  • Emailed to: (you’ll need to mail or drop off the $125 Transfer fee check)
  • Mailed to: BLMA at 495 Belville Blvd, Naples FL 34104
  • On rush sales put in our drop box at the Clubhouse front door at 495 Belville Blvd. Naples, FL 34104 for your convenience

For Sellers

If you’re a SELLER, please direct your BUYER to this website’s Real Estate section to access the necessary documents and instructions for their purchase. These documents are required for ALL Berkshire Lakes sales transfers, and need to be completed in order to obtain the required Certificate of Approval from the Master Association, prior to closings.

As a SELLER, you or your closing agent must order an ESTOPPEL for any Single Family Home or Condo Association within Berkshire Lakes. Condo owners would need 2 estoppels, one for the master and one for the sub association. Please go to to complete your order.

Annual Maintenance Fees for BLMA are $535.00 due each January 1st. There’s an auto pay form attached if you’d like to set that up for your annual payments.

Certificates of Approval (COAs)

(COAs) are required for closing and will be issued by the Berkshire Lakes Master Association after these docs and the Seller’s Estoppel has been received by the Master Association, and all fees associated have been paid. We do not collect fees at closing for any sales.
*Please make sure we have the correct mailing address and / or e-mail address to send the COA to your closing agent, (either an attorney or title agency) prior to your closing.

Alteration Request Form

Required for any Alterations which change the appearance of your property. Submission must be made to the Approval by the Architectural Review Board (ARB) committee and approval is required prior to the start of any alteration.

Contact Information Form

Use this form to provide the Master Association’s office current contact and alternate address information.

Architectural Review Board Standards

This document outlines BLMA specifications for making alterations to your home which require BLMA approval.

Electronic Payment Form

Optional – Complete this form if you wish to have your Master Association’s annual assessment paid by automatic bank draft.

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