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On this page you will find the latest neighborhood updates, the current BLMA Board of Directors and a library of Board meeting minutes.

Letter from the President

During the month of September, the Berkshire Lakes Board of Directors will meeting to prepare goals for 2022 and to determine the funding requirements for the proposed 2022 budget.  There are currently 11 items on the list to be reviewed.
In addition, we are reviewing the remaining 2021 activities to insure all will be completed as scheduled or to reschedule any items that have not been completed.  Two items were added to the original list: Pool Furniture which has been replaced, and the replacement of 2 benches along the walking path (on order.)  Also scheduled for 2021 are the cleanup behind the entrance monuments and the cleaning of the monuments which are scheduled to be done after rainy season.
As reported earlier, work on resurfacing Belville and the side streets off Belville began Monday, August 23rd.  This work has been completed – the only remaining work are two small areas that need to be patched.  The rainy weather is the factor which is causing delays in the completion of the patching of these areas.  The remaining streets which are scheduled for Fiscal year 2023 (which begins in October of 2022).

The County is also measuring the types of vehicles, speed, and volume of traffic on Devonshire which constitutes the traffic on Devonshire.

The contract for the Lakes has been modified to include all the remaining lakes within our responsibility area.   Lake Belville has been selected and work will begin when the lake levels are lower (projected to be December/January time frame.)
Best wishes for a great September at Berkshire Lakes!
Your BLMA President,
Maureen Richards

BLMA Board of Directors

Maureen Richards
Vice President
David Orr
Linda Craig
Robert DeMarco
Charles Lascari
Michael Peppe
Walter Sanford
Orie LaCroix*
*Orie LaCroix has been generously serving as our treasurer on a temporary basis.

Upcoming Meetings

Compliance Meeting – July 16, 2021

Board Meeting – July 21, 2021

ARB Meeting – July 28, 2021

Past Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2021

July 21, 2021

June 6, 2021

May 19, 2021

April 21, 2021

March 29, 2021

March 17, 2021

February 17, 2021

January 29, 2021

January 20, 2021

Latest News

Below is a list of the activities currently underway by our BLMA Team & Committees:

BEAUTIFICATION AWARDS FOR AUG & SEPT – Congratulations go to….
August Yard of the month – 703 Henley Drive
August Most Improved yard of the month – 793 Belville Blvd September Yard of the Month – 7021 Appleby Drive                      September Most Improved Yard of the Month – 877 Belville Blvd

BLMA BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING – Next meeting date is October 20th at  at 7:00 p.m.  at the Berkshire Lakes Clubhouse. The meeting will be available on Zoom. Owners will receive the Zoom access information prior to the meeting. Please note that on the Friday, October 15th signs containing information on the meeting will be placed at the 3 entrances to Berkshire Lakes as well as at the Clubhouse driveway.

BLMA Web Site –We will continue to update the website with pertinent community information as well as monthly updates for meetings and events. Please check the Home page Community Announcements block for new info.

ARB COMMITTEE  Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday,  October 13th. All submissions should be in by the preceding Friday.

COMPLIANCE COMMITTEE – The next Compliance Committee meeting is October 6th.

FINES COMMITTEE – The committee will be meeting this month with the compliance committee to review the processes to insure that both committees have no issues or conflicting responsibilities.

FINANCE COMMITTEE –  They have reviewed all accounts, combining repetitive accounts  All changes have been completed.

LAKES COMMITTEE – As recently announced, the refurbishment of Horseshoe Lake has been completed.  The committee is working on choosing the second lake to be refurbished and working the vendor contract.   A legal review of the contract for the next lake is in progress.

MSTU – Next meeting TBD.

NIGHTTIME SURVEILLANCE – BLMA has hired a security firm to periodically patrol Berkshire Lakes single family neighborhoods for violations of our evening parking restrictions. All violations submitted are being processed and letters sent to homeowners.
Berkshire Lakes Latest News - New Pool Furniture | Berkshire Lakes Master Association
Lake Remediation Project | Berkshire Lakes Master Association

2021-2021 Lake Remediation

In the late summer of 2019, it was determined that the Berkshire Lakes Master Board was responsible for the maintenance of five of the seven retention ponds in the Berkshire Lakes development. Serious erosion caused both by drainage issues and wave action had eaten away at many shorelines. A Lakes Committee was formed to determine the extent of the problem and possible solutions. The Engineering Firm ORCO was hired to draw up plans and specs and to invite qualified companies to bid on remediation of all five lakes, separately and as a package.
Throughout January and February of 2020 ORCO developed the Scope of Work with input from Committee members who visited many other communities in which similar erosion problems existed and walked the shorelines of all five lakes to determine the exact extent of the damage. The Request for Bids went out March 1, 2020. Contractor bids were requested to be returned by April 1. Although the RFB’s had been sent to thirteen companies, only seven made offers. The Committee reviewed the bids and narrowed the possibility to four, which after a revised bidding process, was reduced to one. Unfortunately, that company, which had caused delay after delay over the entire summer, found three areas of disagreement in the contract which they considered to be non-negotiable. At that point, the contract was sent to Seabreeze, a proponent of an alternative erosion control method. After a series of technical discussions, an agreement was reached and sent to the attorneys for approval. Unfortunately, it was too late in the season to begin that year but a tentative date for construction to begin was set as January 2020.
Some of the shoreline around the lakes was well within the County and SFWMD guidelines for slope and stability so these areas were to be left untouched, saving homeowners significant funds. The contractor would grade all other banks to a four to one slope and secure them with either riprap or littoral plantings. The riprap was to be hand-placed on poly-woven mat, anchored and topped with 16 -24” stones. The littoral plantings were to be placed in two layers of bio-degradable mat and proprietary soil blend. Most littoral plantings would be utilized on the shorelines in front of townhomes and condos for ease of watering and maintenance. At least ten percent of the remediation would involve the use of plants.
Because the water level was so high, work did not actually commence until March 7, 2021, and was completed on May 23, 2021. Hole Montez Engineering was hired to oversee the project which came in at a cost of $393,233. Currently we are working on a new contract with Seabreeze to continue remediating the remainder of the lakes. Our intent is to apportion the work over a period of years in direct correlation to the amount of money allocated each year to this project by the Finance Committee. By approaching this very expensive enterprise this way, our assessment should not need to be raised again.

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